Friday, June 20, 2008


Well done, typewriter monkeys. Have a banana.

All the episodes are now up on iTunes for your listening pleasure.



Episode 7 is just about ready to go up. This is a good thing seeing as I'm going to Supanova this weekend, and will be too busy having nerdalicious fun to edit.

In other news, the xml is problematic. Teams of monkeys with typewriters have been set to work in the hope that one of them will produce a document that will solve all my xml problems. And maybe global warming.

So, episodes via iTunes are still some time away.
But you can still get them through this blog!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The new xml is going up now.
All 7 episodes (0-6) should be up on iTunes within the next 24 hours.

Stay tuned!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Episode 6 - Recommendations

Episode 6 - Recommendations (33:19 min - 38MB)

Elizabeth has described this show as a podcast about roleplaying and roleplaying culture. Today we take a break from talking specifically about gaming and chat about some of the culture: i.e., webcomics, movies, books, sites and music that we like to geek out to. We make recommendations (both for and against) authors, movies and comics; and, as always, get just that little bit off topic.

Here is a list of links to things we talk about in the 'cast. In no particular order.

TV and Movies
D&D cartoon
Dungeons & Dragons: The Movie
Dungeons & Dragons: The Elemental Might
Heart of the Warrior
Love Actually
Never-Ending Story
Sarah Silverman Program
Buffy Season 7 Ep 22 ‘Chosen’

Sons Of Kryos
Roll Initiative
Geeks On
I Read Comics
Order Of The Stick
Full Frontal Nerdity

Wil Wheaton Blog
Baby Names
Fantasy Namer Widget For Macs:
Burning Wheel Wiki
4th Edition D&D
Indie Forge
D20 System Reference Document
Homestar Runner

Books and Magazines
China Mieville
Neil Gaiman
Gregory Maguire
Anne Rice
Geek Magazine

Jonathan Coulton
MC Chris
MC Frontalot
MC Lars
Tripod - The Messenger
Flight of the Conchords