Saturday, November 1, 2008

Episode 12 - Survey Results and Geek Gifts

Episode 12 - Survey Results and Geek Gifts (60 min 19 sec, 55.3MB)

(This episode is Take 2 of Ep12. We like you too much to ever let you hear Take 1.)

Liz and Emma (finally) return to the webs after an extended absence (in which they endured the joys of retail).

In this episode, the results of the Gamer Group Survey are discussed, and we find out what qualities geeks of both genders look for (and try to avoid) in their gaming group and their GMs.

Inspired by their workplaces taking on a distinctively Yuletide character, Liz and Emma chat about the different types of gifts they like to give and receive on different festive occasions.

Some Links
Unanalysed Survey Results - More people have taken the survey since we analysed the data, so we thought we'd let you check it out. If you would like access to the most current raw data for non-commercial reasons, please email us at
Klear Gear
Think Geek
Military Simulations
Pound o Dice
Blue Moon Con
RPG Meetup

Thanks to Terence for the music...