Friday, July 16, 2010

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Episode 32: Emma’s Identity Crisis

Episode 32: Emma’s Identity Crisis (32:35, 15.2MB)

(Venn diagram via

    In our discussion, we equated:
  • Obsession with extreme enthusiasm
  • Intelligence with deep knowledge - particularly stats and numerical data (which is why people can be car geeks or sports geeks, if they know all the players stats or car specs).
  • Social ineptitude with Fandom, and an alternate aesthetic sense.

We also concluded that nerddom and geekdom specifically relates to Technology, as well as pursuits that could be considered ludic or childish (or at least, not directly related to the adult concerns of earning money, raising a family, etc.). We also thought that nerds and geeks are innovative rather than following social conventions; and Emma suggested that the scale of how nerdy/geeky you are is directly related to your degree of creativity or participation in your area of nerdliness/geekiness.
What do you think?

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