Saturday, December 5, 2009

Episode 20: Responsibility for Creating the Story

Episode 20: Responsibility for Creating the Story (30min)

In this episode, Oli asks whether there is an alternative to having a person at the table taking on the responsibility for creating the story. Examples are taken from Indy game A Penny for My Thoughts* (about amnesiacs who rely on other players to narrate their actions and words) and more traditional games, to illustrate how even if it is not the same person for the whole game, there is usually still a person who has to take on responsibility for creating and shaping the story.
By way of contrast, Oli suggests that there are some games in which the mechanics take primary responsibility for creating the story, allowing the players to focus on advocating for their character's survival and achieving their goals. We chat about how The Mountain Witch does this - and we disagree about the ways in which In a Wicked Age accomplishes this.
Oli also introduces me to the idea of the Fruitful Void.

We also introduce an upcoming (and as yet unnamed) episode format. If you have skype, and you have five minutes in which to be interrogated, and you want to be a part of it, email us!

(I also suggested that if we get any actual fan maille - or emails with questions, comments, arguments in response to things that we (allegedly) 'got wrong' - then we might put those into a show, too.)

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*All apologies -- in the audio, we get the name of this excellent game wrong! *sigh*