Thursday, May 22, 2008

Episode #3 - Food, Health and Gaming

Episode #3 - Food, Health and Gaming (33min 14.9MB)

This episode: a topic relevant to this time of year, with everyone starting to suffer from the sniffles and dying from the lurgy, but bravely gaming on!

Emma and Liz talk about their favourite types of gaming foods, and eating habits at the gaming table. (Some of these are even healthful.)

Liz demonstrates some polite ways to be unwell at the gaming table. You heard me: demonstrates.

"Warning": This episode briefly alludes to health and medication topics relating specifically to female gamers' biology.

Also this episode, for those of you playing along at home on iTunes or iPod: artwork!
(The sound levels also appear to be louder, this episode, too.)

Nutrition Data
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Thank Terence Janssen for the music...
Phase Two Comics for hosting the 'cast