Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Episode 7 - John and Peta's First Time

Episode 7 - John and Peta's First Time (39:05, 44.8MB)

In this episode, we find out about John's and Peta's first times gaming.
We learn how John independently created roleplaying, and why the Swiss Army Knife approach to gaming is a bad thing.
We find out how Peta prepares for her first time GMing.
We also discuss the impact of John and Peta's relationship upon their gaming experience, and we talk about choosing gender in a game.

Dungeons and Dragons
World of Darkness
Storyteller System
Jack Vance
'Dying Earth'
Dying Earth RPG
Robin D Laws
D&D 3.5
Burning Empires
Burning Wheel
Trail of Cthulhu
Ars Magica
Fading Suns
Dirty Secrets
Vampire: the Masquirade
HoL - Human occupied Landfill
In A Wicked Age
Luke Crane
Mouse Guard
Feng Shui

Terence Janssen for the music
Phase Two Comics for the hosting
Peta and John for their hospitality