Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Gamer Group Preference Survey

Dear Listeners and other Gamers who wandered onto our blog from the Wide World of Webs,

For an upcoming episode, Liz and I will be talking about what makes up an ideal gaming group. Because I prefer to have *some* information at my disposal (rather than making it up as I go along), I would like to invite you to take our survey about what qualities *you* like in your regular gaming group.

You will not be identifiable from the information you provide, so please tell us what you really think.

The survey also contains some questions about your roleplaying experience and preferences and your demographic background. This includes both age and gender. Here's why.

I was reluctant to include the question of gender, because I hate it when people judge or prejudge based on my chromosomes. However, there is a lot of information and opinion going around the webs about female gamers, and/or the difference between male and female gaming styles and preferences. Similarly, other distinctions have been made between older and younger players, and more and less experienced gamers. I can agree with of the statements people make, based on my own perspective or experience, but other statements seem to be culturally or regionally specific, or in some other way ungeneralisable.
So, the question of age and gender have both been included.

The guts of the survey is a simple list of qualities found in your gaming group. Tick all the qualities you like in your group. If you usually prefer the quality, tick it. If it is rarely or only occasionally something you like, leave the box unticked. If it's 50:50, go with your instinct.

We may decide to use the data as a preliminary survey only, but that depends on the results.
The more information we can gather from gamers all over the world, the more generalisable our data will be.
So please, take the <7 minutes to take the survey, and then email the link to your gamer friends and post it on your blog or lj or facebook.
It will be up until the end of September.

That link again: