Saturday, October 24, 2009

Episode 17: Tom's First Time and Gaming with Kids

This *was* supposed to be Episode 18, but there was a problem with the previous episode, so I have had to do some shuffling. So!

Episode 17: Tom's First Time and Gaming with Kids (44:30)

There were a few hiccups as we tried our first Skype interview with Tom from Brisbane. We learned that sometimes when you use Skype on your iPhone, it will cut out every 3mins and 09seconds. A lot of the time we managed to pull it together, but there were a few times (you will notice, gentle listener) where we kind of trailed off and came back talking about something slightly different. Then there were the times that I didn't un-pause properly, and you missed out on some hilarious and insightful material.
Such as, how do you really pronouce China MiƩville's (author of UnLunDun, The Scar, Perdido Street Station, Iron Council and The City & The City) name correctly (and how does *he* pronounce it)?
Is Sky Cake better than Sky Pie? (¡language warning!)
What are the main problems with being thrown in the deep end of a Vampire LARP - or anything, for that matter?

But, there are still a bunch of exciting words that we recorded for you.

Some of these words include:

D&D 4th Edition
Cardboard Dungeon Tiles
AD&D Monster Manual, Fiend Folio, Dungeon Master's Gude
World of Darkness
Starwars Spoilers
Teaching your children how to kill Zombies
Building a Time Machine
And ANURPS Halloween Game Day