Sunday, December 20, 2009

Episode 21: Conflicts and Taboos

Episode 21: Conflicts and Taboos (31:30 14.6MB)

In this episode, we discuss the creation of inter-character conflicts as an aspect of storytelling. The distinction is made between player conflicts and character conflicts, and how one might lead to the other. Oli talks about how the mechanics of In a Wicked Age lend themselves to creating character conflict, and how voluntarily putting your character in a weaker position in conflict may be mechanically rewarded.

We chat about how taboos are used in games like Dogs in the Vineyard, and how the GM and players might use taboos in other games (like Spirit of the Century and Burning Wheel) to add interest to both the setting and to further the storyline. As well as Kender and My Life with Master.

Again, we call out to any listeners who might be interested in being interviewed for Natural 20.
To explain further: The interview will take maybe 5 minutes; there will be 3 questions (which will be emailed to you beforehand); you don't have to use your real name... You just have to have had some table-top roleplaying experience, and a copy of Skype.

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