Sunday, July 4, 2010

Episode 31 - Inappropriate Backstories -WARNING

WARNING Some of the discussion in this podcast centres around sex and sexual assault.

Episode 31 - Inappropriate Backstories (23.18min 11.2MB)

Some statistics about sexual assault on men and women in Australia, remembering that it is difficult to get precise numbers, because so many assaults are unreported. The numbers are (way too) high, so a lot of the jokes that get made unthinkingly at gaming tables, might actually not be a joke to someone you're playing *with*.
Australian Institute of Criminology

Rape as Backstory links:
TV Tropes
A Softer World
With some added information from Girl Wonder

Finally, one version of the (fan made) AD&D Book of Carnal Knowledge. Including a rule I did not remember. (With rules like this in their literature, I would say the rule is a self-fulfilling prophecy!)