Friday, July 25, 2008

News - ArmyDan's callout for GMs

This message was posted on RPGMeetup on Saturday 20 July 2008 by ArmyDan.

If you are from Canberra or can be in Canberra on 22 November 08, and are thinking about GMing a convention game, contact ArmyDan through the RPGMeetup forums or by the forum's PM or email facility.

The call out for GMs

Okay, Blue Moon needs GMs who can provide a commitment to running a game on the 22nd of November.

We are looking for 2 sorts of commitment...

First tier GMs -
GMs willing and able to run their game on the first and second session of the day (from about 9am through to about 4pm - two sessions of the same game). Each game is to be around 3 hours long (we are forgiving if you go over or under).

Second tier GMs -
GMs willing and able to run a one off game at the last session of the day (from about 6pm-9pm).

In both cases, GMs are expected to provide pre-generated characters for their game. (Note - In the case of Living Greyhawke, being able to provide characters for those who havent got any). As well as any other materials necessary for the running of the game (Minatures, handouts etc etc)..

The brief for the Blue Moon is "Something New". This could be a new adventure, a new games system, new characters or a new idea or concept for the game. We would like to try something new..

Please reply here, PM me, or send me an email. We would like around 8 GMs (at least intially - 4 first tier, 4 second tier) at this stage, but would gladly accept more as the registrations or expressions of interest are recieved.

Please reply with - Name of the GM, Number of players, Name of system (if any), Short blurb on the game (preferrably with the words "Something New" in the blurb).
Also it would be preferrable if you provide an idea of if the players require system knowledge (and how much), the "mood" of the game (fun, serious, dramatic, high action etc).

I would like to fill the first 8 slots by the end of July, so please reply early.